Spa Policy
For your best escape experience please acknowledge the following spa etiquette:
- Turn off or silence cell phones
- Please refrain from using and visiting on cell phone in spa areas
- Use quiet soft voices
- Please be respectful to other spa users
- Children under age of 14 must wait in salon area accompanied by an adult unless receiving spa services
- If you have any concerns or questions please stop a spa associate
Thank you and enjoy your spa escape
We take pride in our work and guarantee our services if proper home professional maintenance is used.  If you are not 100% satisfied please let us know within 7 days. 
Shellac- We will fix chipped or peeled polish within 7 days. Please use proper homecare maintenance.  Harsh chemicals will lift, peel or discolor polish.  Some sunscreens and self tanners will lift, peel and discolor polish.  Light colors are sometimes likely to discolor when submitted to dark substances such as spicy foods, soil, liquids, ect.  Do not use nails as a scraping tool, this will chip the polish.  Use solar oil daily.  

Products and boutique items

Hair, skin care products and boutique items may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase with lookup of original purchase, no cash back, all refund credits will be put on your account or on a gift card. 

Cosmetic and lip balm sales are final.

Gift Certificate Purchases

All gift certificate or gift card purchases in spa or online are final.  No cash back and no refunds.  They may be used for any service, product or boutique item.  All gift certificates purchased before May 1, 2021 will be converted to dollar amount.